Bow Care

How to care for your hair bows.

Bow Luna hair bows are made from a variety of the highest quality materials we can source. These fabrics include, but are not limited to grosgrain ribbons, satin ribbons, 100% wool felt, cotton fabric, canvas, leatherettes and more.
Whilst we are certain you will love our bows a flat, tired crumpled bow becomes a thing of the past. To prevent this we recommend you store your hair bows on specifically designed hair bow holders. These come in a variety of forms, plain ribbon holders, personalised wooden holders, dream catcher bow holders, photo frame holders, the list truly goes on. You may find some available in our shop from time to time. Please avoid storing your bows in a box as this is a sure way for them to become flattened and twisted.
Our bows are NOT waterproof and we recommend they are not worn in rainy condition or poolside unless otherwise stated on the product. Please also be mindful of embellishments and paper flowers as these may be more delicate and extra care should be taken. 

Ribbon Bows:

To care for our ribbon bows should they become tattered or frayed on the edges, simply use a pair of sharp scissors and cut the frayed edge off in the same directions as original bow shape. Then using a lighter, or small candle pass the edge quickly through the flame to heat seal the edges. The ribbon will melt along the edge to prevent further fray. *Note: please be careful not to apply too much heat as it will burn or catch fire. You only need to pass it through quickly. 

Fabric Bows:

To care for our fabric bows should they become tattered or frayed on the edges, simply use a pair of sharp scissors and trim the edges off following the same shape as the original bow shape. *Note: please do not be tempted to heat seal these bows as the fabrics will ignite and burn quickly.  

Free Repairs:

If in the unfortunate event our bows have not met standards and have broken within 3 months of purchase we offer a FREE repair service. This service relates to broken clips or bobbles rendering the hair bow unusable and will not cover bows in disrepair due to storage issues or cosmetic damages from consumer use. Please contact us before sending your bows for repair here.